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Camping Brittany style is easy at the Château de Galinée!

The Château de Galinée really seeks to cater to disabled travellers

There’s no better place to go camping Brittany style than the Château de Galinée, located in beautiful countryside in northern Brittany. This site has a comprehensive array of modern facilities and a wide range of accommodation options.

DBV Technologies – developing responses to all kinds of food allergies

The Viaskin milk allergy patch

Food allergies are a massive issue for many people across the world. The best-known allergies are probably to nuts, eggs and milk, but various types of fish and shellfish can also trigger reactions. The prevalence of allergies has meant that much research goes into tackling them, as you can see on the DBV Technologies internet …
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Hospitalsconsultants – giving you access to great hospitals up and down the country

The Stamford and Rutland Hospital offers 5 star care

Hospitalsconsultants is a new online service which could prove a real boon to people struggling to get the medical treatment they need, when they need it. Founded by Dr Jean-Pascal Del Bano, a French expert in healthcare quality

Für jedes Smartphone die passende Schutzhülle

Lederetui Xperia Z3 compact (mit horizontaler Klappe)

Unsere Smartphones sind kleine High-Tech-Schmuckstücke. Sollten wir ihnen da nicht einen „Rahmen“ verleihen, der ihrer Performance entspricht? Das jedenfalls bietet uns die Marke Noreve aus Saint-Tropez: Schutzhüllen, Taschen, Etuis und Cases aus Leder in eleganter und intelligenter Ausführung für unsere kostbaren Smartphones mit ihren zahlreichen Funktionen!

Taking the epicutaneous approach to allergen treatment – DBV-Technologies

The Viaskin patch is the culmination of the epicutaneous immunotherapy approach

DBV Technologies.com showcases some of the most promising new developments in the field of allergy research. Allergy treatments have been around for years, and many different approaches have been tried out. Injections were employed for many years, but this is painful to the patient, and carries with it a risk of anaphylaxis.

DBV-Technologies – at the forefront of new anti-allergy treatments!

The Viaskin® electrospray technique

The DBV-technologies.com/en/ internet site is a treasure trove of fascinating information about a radically new method of tackling one of the western world’s most prevalent health problems – allergies. Many avenues have been tried in the battle to treat the symptoms triggered by food and other allergies. These range from injections to sublingual treatments. They …
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